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Reach out and bring in new business customers.


For more than a decade, we have consistently delivered proven results for our Fortune 1000 clients looking to expand their business customer base. Our key ingredients include: 1) highly targeted, customized lists to ensure accurate targeting and messaging, 2) proprietary B2B-Engineered opt-out delivery system, and 3) strict adherence to CAN-SPAM opt-out regulations. As a result we consistently provide:

  • Higher opt-out delivery rates than the competition.
  • CAN-SPAM compliance when reaching new prospects to protect your brand.
  • Protection against your existing opt-in system from being compromised.
  • Segmented email campaigns targeted at new prospects with optional CRM capability.

Our best seller is our Daily Trickle Leads Campaign service discussed in more detail below. It provides a steady, continuous stream of daily leads for your team. Many companies rely upon it as a key or primary source of new business development.


Common Campaign Segments.


We always collaborate with you to develop the most customized, targeted prospect lists in order to optimize your product/service reach. We identify your new prospects through search criteria that include company size, geography, job function, SIC, etc, to ensure that your new customer discovery process produces results. Some of the more common segments that we target:

  • CEO & Presidents Email List
  • CFO Email List
  • CIO Email List
  • Marketing Director Email List
  • Sales Director Email List
  • HR Director Email List
  • Training Director Email List
  • Purchasing Director Email List
  • Chief Operating Officer Email List
  • Chief Risk Officer Email List
  • Compliance Director Email List
  • Corporate Development Directors      
  • Customer Service Directors
  • Engineering Director Email List
  • Facilities Managers Email List
  • General Counsel Email List
  • Healthcare Directors Email List
  • Logistics Director Email List
  • Meeting Planner Email List
  • Pharmacist Email List
  • Physicians Email List
  • PR Director Email List
  • Procurement Director Email List
  • Product Development Director Emails
  • Project Manager Email List
  • Quality Director Email List
  • Risk Management Officer Emails
  • Safety Director Email List
  • Security Director Email List
  • Supply Chain Director Email List



Why is Our Delivery Rate Higher?


Most Email Sending Providers (ESP's like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, etc) are great at Consumer delivery but terrible at Business delivery because they use Consumer-engineered systems that rely on the White Listing of a small set of clean IP addresses. They enforce Opt-In policies and in exchange consumer email systems like GMail and Yahoo allow their White Listed IP addresses to pass email through.

The problem is that in the business world CIOs don't want any spam complaints and so if just one employee marks an email as spam that IP address is partially or fully blocked from delivering further email to others at that company. This is why Consumer-engineered systems have far lower B2B delivery rates and are crippled to only Opt-In sending despite Opt-Out laws in the US and most countries. The use of crippled Consumer ESP's makes it very difficult to expand your customer base.

Our system was engineered in the opposite manner specifically for B2B Opt-Out delivery with over 200,000 non-contiguous IP addresses and intelligent logic ensuring the same IP is never used to send the same email to more than one employee at a particular company within 30 days. Now if one employee marks an email as spam the delivery effect to others at that same company is not nearly as handicapped which greatly increases delivery rates. We still enforce all CAN-SPAM requirements (i.e. opt-out mechanism, company and address of the sender, no deceptive subject line, etc) for full legal compliance. We also use protection techniques that ensure your primary domain's email reputation is not hurt so your site and regular email is unaffected.



Type 1:  Daily Trickle Lead Campaigns (Our Best Seller)


Provides a steady, continuous stream of daily leads for your team. From your criteria a precision targeted list is developed. Each day (ideally 10 am for optimal response) our servers blast out a personalized message to a small portion of it to generate daily leads for your company. This also ensures your team can follow-through on each lead on a timely basis instead of floods/valleys between campaigns. We will work with you to develop a year-long communication strategy alternating every 2-3 months with the right mix of message types (e.g. appointment requests, lead gen, newsletters, webinars, white papers, case studies, success stories, etc).

  • Higher B2B delivery rates than all other competitors.
  • Mix of relevant content well spaced keeps Remove requests low.
  • Includes reputation-protection of your main URL so regular email unaffected.
  • We ensure all required elements present for CAN-SPAM legal compliance.

Our BehaviorTracker™ reports on specific contact names, where each navigated to on your site, what products they looked at closely and how much time they spent looking at specific product pages on your site. The system can also be configured to fire off secondary and tertiary personalized emails based on specific products they viewed (i.e. a secondary email could contain viewed product details, success stories, or a flash sale on product "x" if they viewed it but did not order after "y" hours/days).

Alternatively, since most marketing directors are aware of a delivery penalty for any tracking, many of our clients prefer to turn tracking off as they simply want maximum responses and can easily measure campaign success on "outcomes" such as the number of appointments set or interested email replies asking for more info (client's choice of BehaviorTracker or Outcomes based).



Type 2:  Optout-To-Optin Conversion Campaigns


The main function of marketing is to bring in new customers but buying outside lists is frustrating as they often cannot be emailed without risking your Email Service Provider (ESP) account (e.g. ConstantContact, MailChimp, etc) or domain reputation. We have two solutions for resolving this based on your preference.

1. Opt-In Conversion Plan. We send 3-4 campaigns from our B2B Opt-Out SmartSender Platform asking the recipients to Opt-In to several value-based offers (e.g. newsletter, interesting article or whitepaper, case study, etc) with our domain reputation protection system active. Those who Opt-In can be immediately rolled into your regular ESP without any issues (true Opt-Ins).

2. Opt-Out Cleanup Plan. For those wishing to email a higher percentage of the beginning file on an ongoing basis and ferret out good leads earlier in the process we send 3-4 campaigns from our Opt-Out SmartSender Platform not opt-in focused (e.g. appointment requests, product info, etc) with our domain reputation protection active. After 3-4 campaigns nearly all Removes, Complainers, and Bounces are out of the file which can be safely moved to your regular ESP without triggering bounce/remove alarms (like Opt-Ins).

Example Case:   Microsoft's main marketing agency needed a way to both fill in the gaps within their CRM system (missing and new CIOs and IT Directors) and also get many to Opt-In so they could be regularly communicated with to build long-term relationships. We unduplicated against their CRM system and identified 364,383 new and missing CIOs and IT Directors not in their CRM which created the target file for converting into Opt-Ins. With their agency we then created a series of 4 opt-in focused campaigns (e.g. invitation to attend a Microsoft emerging technologies workshop series briefing near them, high value whitepapers written by Microsoft of interest to CIOs and IT directors, etc) and sent them through our SmartSender system with brand protection enabled. The series of campaigns converted over 37% of the file into interested Opt-Ins (excellent conversion rate), a 15% increase in their event attendance, and greatly exceeded the long-term relationships from new customers they sought.



Type 3:  TeleFunnel™ Campaigns


Telemarketing is expensive, incurring labor costs and predictive dialing does not work well when calling businesses due to extensions and switchboards. The caller usually gets voicemail and in the few cases they reach the executive it is a cold call atmosphere (not ideal).

We totally change the dynamics. Targeted emails are first sent spaced throughout the day. When an executive shows interest by going to the site your call center or rep is immediately notified within 1 second through our dashboard to dial. A simple, "Hi John, we sent you and email a while ago. Oh, you are on our site right now? Wonderful, what a coincidence. I am glad to ..." (sell).

  • Odds of connecting not voicemail are 3 times higher (they are available and checking email).
  • It is a warm call because they have shown interest and are on your site right now.
  • Revenue per telemarketer hour or sales rep hour usually doubles or more.



Type 4:  PostalFunnel™ Campaigns


Postal mail is costly and postal lists are often inaccurate. Our PostalFunnel process eliminates both. Targeted emails are first sent and those who indicate interest by clicking through to your site then receive postal mail offers for maximum multi-modal conversion rates. We can even monitor what specific products they view on your site and then send additional product info or offers on the specific product(s) they are interested in by postal mail. At the end of each day a file is transmitted to a print-on-demand mail house for processing and by the next morning the personalized postal mail is en route.

  • Maximize conversion rates through multi-modal marketing for peak profits.
  • Dramatically cuts wasteful postal mailings to the uninterested and those gone.
  • Revenue per postal piece typically triples or more as they already showed interest.

Example Case:   HP wanted to make CIOs and IT Managers that did not regularly buy HP printers aware of their new line of heavier duty printers. Their website had a landing page listing their full line of business printers and detailed subpages for each printer model. We unduplicated from HP's list of known HP business printer buyers then drove 6,376 CIOs and IT Managers to the landing page with the majority further navigating to 1-2 specific printer model pages that matched their volume needs. Within 3 days each of those CIOs and IT managers received a personalized postal letter from HP with a discount coupon/code valid for the specific printer they had the most interest in based on their browsing history and time viewing specific models. The combined conversion rate was around 16%, one of the highest sell through email-multimodal campaigns in the history of their PC and Printers division and nearly all new business customers for HP. This same PostalFunnel Campaign model can be applied to almost any business product or service.


Better Reach.  Better Targeting.  Better Results!

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